Seriela Ciudad

A Great Home Found in Texas

Deep down, I’ve always been a country boy. I had lived in Kentucky for most of my adult life and I have always been in love with the simple life found in country living – the mountains, the forests and more. Yet, when I visited Texas to see a friend of mine I was surprised to find that Texas called to me. The people and the desert like conditions – it was amazing! So I decided to buy a home with the help of cedar park real estate! They have been great to me, giving me a hand with everything that I needed as a first time buyer. I never thought I could be so nervous about buying anything before! It was a huge step forward for me, especially as it represented a big time commitment to something I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that I wanted but sometimes you just got to take the risk in doing so.

I’ve got to admit, that my hand may have been a little shaky when I was signing those contracts; just a little bit! I look back now and I cannot help but laugh at myself – come on, it was going to be great! As someone who enjoyed taking risk and adventure in everything that I did, I can’t believe I had been so nervous about this! I guess it makes sense in a way, it was alot of money involved and, too, I was going to be putting down roots. I think that more than anything else was what had lead to my nervousness; was I ready to put down roots? If I do so, would this mean that I wouldn’t be able to travel as much any more? Of course I am able to but at the time, I just wasn’t sure.