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Freedom in Choosing the Energy Company and Plan

The first decision I had to make after I bought a house in Fort Worth but before I moved in was look at energy providers. Texans have a choice in who they want to supply their electricity, so I had to look at all of the different companies that do that for Fort Worth customers. After looking at all of the companies, I knew that I wanted to go with TXU Energy for a number of reasons. After deciding on them, I then had to look at the different TXU electric plans for my area.

There are nine different plans, and each one has a lot of good points about it. There is one that allows customers to use their electricity without any charge between the hours of eight at night to five in the morning. I knew that one would not do me any good because I am not a night owl nor do I run my air conditioner or furnace most nights. That left me with eight other plans to look at for TXU Energy. The Saver’s Choice 12 had a low rate of 7.9 cents per kWh, and people who sign up under this plan can get a 30 dollar credit every month when more than 1200 kWh or more are used.

While that one did sound good and piqued my interest, there is one other plan that won out. It is the Solar Saver 12, and it is 8.5 cents per kWh. While it might seem more expensive, I still get the 30 dollar credit if I use over 1200 kWh per month, and I am helping the environment a lot more with this plan. I am just really glad that I had the freedom to choose the company as well as the plan that works best for me.