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He Didn’t Want Our Baby

map of Washington Co., MarylandUsually when a woman tells her husband she is pregnant, there is a mixture of shock, pleasure and pure joy. I had hoped that would be my husband’s reaction, but I was wrong. He told me that he did not want children, and then he reminded me I had agreed with that. I had when we were still dating, but I was still happy over my accidental pregnancy. He told me to contact a diovrce lawyer in montgomery anne arundel or baltimore maryland because we no longer had a marriage.

When I asked for an explanation, he told me that I had broken my promise to him about having children. He thought that I had tricked him, but he informed me that it wouldn’t work. I was the one who was in shock, because I did not plan this at all. I knew the night it happened, because it was the only time we did not use protection, but I could not convince him of this. I finally got tired after several days of fighting, and I realized that he was not the man I thought he was.