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Home Renovation Projects for Beginners

My aunt has decided to move to a retirement community in Lake Havasu, AZ and she made a pretty good deal with me. I am basically going to rent to own her home, which is almost perfect for a first time homeowner. She moved into a smaller house after her children grew up and moved away. Still this is a nice little two bedroom house sitting on about three quarters of an acre of land. I need to do some work on it, for example some of the shutters need to be replaced. She says that her husband installed them and that he must have bought something which was not very durable or at least he did not install them properly. Of course we have hurricanes and you need to have shutters that actually work around here. I am guessing that if I lived in Miami this house would not be able to meet the codes. Down there the codes are really strict and even here in Georgia you have to be ready.

This house is in good enough shape by far, but I want to do some things. For now I am going to sub let the extra bedroom to one of my best friends. I figure that he is the one I can trust to pay his part of the utility bills and pay his rent. I am going to charge him a lot less than he is now paying for a one bedroom apartment where his neighbors are incredibly loud and are often in huge shouting matches that end with the police involved. He is really happy to be out of there and save money. Better yet he knows a lot about home renovation and he is going to help me fix the place up a good bit.