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How Do You Get Internet on an RV?

I have started to think about this as I get closer to retirement age. Jean and I have always had a camper shell for the pick up truck and we used to have a fifth wheel camper trailer. We sold it the last time that we moved because it would have been a real problem to move it as far as we were gong to move. At any rate we are thinking about getting an RV and going on a very long road trip. We know you can get Hughesnet satellite internet, but that is not really an awesome option compared to a lot of the other things that you might get. The big thing that it has going for it is that you are going to be able to get a signal just about any place in the USA. I would guess that it works in Canada as well, it would make a lot of sense for them to be up there, since they would be the best available option in much of it’s wilderness. The truth is that we would like to get something aside from satellite, because it is expensive and it does not work as well as other things. However we are going to be going to a lot of places where the other options just are not going to be available. For instance if you go to Yellowstone, that is a long way from just about any place that would have the internet. You could not really count on the cell phone type internet services it would seem. They really need to have the towers for those to be of much use. It is not a sure thing that any option is going to be very good. For instance I am not sure if you can get satellite internet without stopping and setting up an antenna.