Seriela Ciudad

Learning About Ride Sharing Today

Of course I am familiar with the concept of a car pool, but it is not really all that practical for me to be honest. I get up in the morning and go to work every day of the week, but not always in the same way or the same place. Some of the time I get up and stumble into the kitchen and turn the coffee on, then go to my office. I mean the one in what used to be my extra bedroom. So a traditional car pool would not work for me. There is sidecar, lyft and uber if you want to talk about ride sharing apps. I can not say I am totally up on those just yet, but the idea is that you have a smart phone with an app on it. The app would hook you up with a person who could share a ride with you, then if there is some monetary exchange that would be done through the app as well. Whether or not these are totally practical I have not figured out just yet.

What does seem very practical over the large scale is the type of on line community you could create. Some already exist and it would be relatively easy to arrange things with large groups of people. If you did it correctly it could be a great thing. Of course I doubt it would work without you having some sort of rendezvous point. It does not seem likely that people are going to want to have to come into your cul de sac which might be ten minutes out of their way. Instead you would need to meet them at some place which would be convenient to the driver of the day. I suspect most are going to want to have enough passengers for the car pool lane.