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My Home Now Feels Safer Than It Ever Has

My husband passed away last year. As sad as it was, we had a great forty five years together as a married couple. We have three wonderful children. My kids live on the other side of the country, so I am by myself in the home that I shared with my husband. I have been feeling a bit vulnerable lately as a result. A quick look at showed me that I can protect my home very nicely without having to spend a lot of money.

Most people my age are on a fixed income. We retire from work and then try to spend very wisely so that we do not spend all of our retirement savings too quickly. And making sure that protecting your home is high on your priority list can really be necessary, especially when you live in a neighborhood where your home needs it.

I decided to call them out and ask one of their technicians what he thought I should get for my home. He suggested that I go for motion detectors, and he could also put sensors on each of my windows and doors that would go off if they were opened when they should not be.

I also taking sleeping aids at night, so I now sleep rather deeply at night. I have been concerned that fire could break out and I would not even know because I sleep so heavily. But the employee explained that they now offer fire detection as well. They offer smoke detection as well as heat protection, which the inexpensive monitors I bought for very little money at a well-known chain store cannot do for me at all.

Everything was installed last week. I must say that I feel even safer now than I did when my husband was still with me. It is just nice to not have to worry anymore.