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Planning for Our Pizza After Travel

annie smithers bistrot 72 piper street kyneton victoria 3444 add to my ...My brother is getting married and we are all invited up for the wedding. I knew that we were going to need some quick and easy food for while we were up visiting with him and his soon to be in-laws. I went online to search for pizza restaurants in Berwick. I thought that it would be best to take some time and find a place before we left so we would have a place to order some pizza from for when we arrived at the hotel the day we went.

I was able to find quite a few results for pizza places in the area and was also able to find some reviews. Once I spent some time reading through the reviews, I knew exactly where we would be ordering our pizza from.

We have gone on several multi family vacations in the past and because of that, I knew that we would be getting several pizzas while we are there. We tend to travel on a very tight budget and have many kids along with us. With the kids in tow, you know that you can never go wrong putting pizza in front of them at meal time.

I saved the number to the pizza place in my cell phone and programmed the address to the hotel and the pizza place into my GPS so I would be able to get the pizza ordered in enough time to get it delivered to the hotel shortly after we arrived and got checked in.

I know from experience that everyone is going to be very hungry and is not going to want to wait to get food when we arrive. I have been doing things this way for the last couple of years and it has yet to let us down when we are hungry.