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Plus sized women guide to beautiful style

  • Be true to your size

This advice has probably been told and heard for too many times. But that’s the truth. If you want to dress in a good way, first, you need to understand your figure and know your real size. Dressing too tight or oversized is not going to create sexy silhouette.

If you are going to wear a trench coat, make sure you have a tight fitting top in the layer. Wearing oversized t-shirt plus trench coat is a big no!

  • Choose one color that pops. Remember, just one!

It’s great to have a little black dress for urban plus size clothing style, but it’s also important to add another bold color to create an attractive style. Cheer your style with a hint of yellow or your favorite color that will brighten up your mood and boost your confident.

  • Be thoughtful about the trend

We have to admit that plus size women don’t have too many fashion choices like the skinny ones. This is why, it’s important to choose something that could compliment your look, like the fashions on this site The trend is not made to fit everyone’s size.

You have to be wise enough to know which part you should accentuate and which part you should cover. This, my friend, involves being thoughtful about choosing the pieces.

  • Make sure everything falls in the right place

For a great urban plus size clothing style, you should put comfy and perfect underwear that will hold everything in place. Wearing a tight bra will only create lumps that will be visible when you wear that floral pattern dress.

Choose a smooth supportive bra without too many lace or accent that will pump up your breast and hold them perfectly. Picking undergarments is just as important as picking the dress patterns.

  • Lingerie is important outfit at night

Confident is created from the inside. Even when nobody is watching you while you sleep; you should slip in the perfect size lingerie that boosts up your sexiness. You will wake up feeling great because you appreciate your curve. If you have a partner, you can ask him to go and shop for a lingerie style that both of you like.

  • Shoes are outfit, too

When you are shopping for urban plus size clothing, make sure to consider shoes as part of the act. Your shoes can make a statement even when you dress plainly. Choose pointy heels over wedges because pointy heels create slimmer figure.

  • Incorporate accessories

Scarves are plus size women’s best friend. You can wear gypsy tops and put the scarves on top of it to accentuate your upper part. Other than that, you can pick bracelets or necklaces that will draw focus to those areas.

The guide to a beautiful style for urban plus size clothing is to wisely choose the items according to your style. Even when it’s about choosing undies, you need to be honest about your size, to yourself!