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Procedures for Getting Rid of Fat

I have always been a bit overweight, but in recent years, things have really gotten worse, and I am getting to the point where I am quite obese, and that is depressing to me. I have a hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult for me to lose weight. So I am looking for other options, and I am looking at Zeltiq coolsculpting in particular, as a potential option for me, as a way to lose some of the fat that I have accumulated on my body.

I know that it is not healthy for me to carry around this much weight. A lot of the health concerns are pretty obvious, but one of the other concerns, that might not be so obvious, is that it is bad for my knees and my ankles. I have began to experience some pretty bad knee problems, and that is driving me to try to investigate every option I have for getting rid of this weight. I had never heard of coolsculpting until recently, but I like the fact that it does not really involve any sort of surgery. That is what is most appealing to me about it.

I have thought about liposuction in the past, but to be honest, I am terrified of surgery. I am not going to go through some sort of surgical procedure, unless I really need to. That is just how I feel, and it is not something that I would change my mind about. I have actually never had surgery before, but its not clear that I would be less scared of it, if I had gone through it in the past. In fact, it seems possible that it would be quite the opposite, and that surgery would be a very traumatic thing to have to go through.