Seriela Ciudad

Setting Up an Office in Sydney

I sort of lucked into this job for reasons I do not fully understand. Donovan had all of his stuff packed to fly to Australia, but he did not want to. From what I can tell he and his wife have not been getting along and he was convinced that by the time he came back she would have packed up and gone home with their son. He managed to get out of it and I was the best man for the job. It is a bit over my head. I did not even know where to find promotional pens in australia when I started out.. It took me several days to hire a competent assistant and the fact that she is extremely attractive is totally coincidental. It did not bother me of course, but I only had three people answer the ad and she was far better qualified than the other two. One was probably just as easy to look at, which seems to be a pattern. All of the girls in Sydney seem to keep in shape.

My job is to scout for locations and to hire a little staff. At the moment Marsha is all that I need. No decision has been made really and the chances are that they shall be pull me out for someone higher up the food chain if they do decide to set up an operation over here. I guess I should say down here actually. So I have just been renting a tiny office and a little bungalow to live in, then I drive about the city looking at location, taking photographs and making notes. Of course I have to come up with cost estimates and figure out things like how skilled the local labor force is. That really does not seem to be a problem, but the question is what will it all cost.