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What Good Web Design Can Do for a Small Company

Live from Costa Rica - New leaf-cutter ant photos by Pest friend ...Even the smallest of companies hoping to get a quality Internet presence should not take their web design lightly. The elements of design, SEO and branding should be equally important to a small company as it is to a large corporation. The nice thing is that even the tiniest of companies can afford to have luxury website design completed by experts if they know who to hire to get the job done right.

I am a small fish in a big pond when it comes to my business. I was losing revenue to a competitor very far away from my retail store who sold things online. I wanted to recapture that market share as well as being in a position to grab more. I knew that I needed to make my website better and get a better page ranking than my competitor in order to do that. I was thinking that it would cost me a small fortune to have the personal attention needed from a team of expert web designers. I was wrong.

I was able to get a real website made from the bottom up. Not from a template where they threw in a few pictures from me and a copy of my logo. My website made for me was really made for me. Everything in it is all about my business. It looks unique. You know how those templates look in web design. They make your site look cheap. I did not want that. I was happy with the result I got and the price it cost me.

I have a fully functional website now that is branded to my business. My customers tell me that when they go to the website, it feels to them like they are shopping in my actual retail store. You cannot get better branding than that! The bottom line of my profits is up too. I am taking back my market share as well as getting business from far away customers.