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Wilson Golf Balls: Why They Are The Best

As science and technology in product manufacturing sector advances, companies producing sports equipments have been known to adopt such progresses swiftly. Golfing has benefited immensely from this swift incorporation of advanced technology in equipment design. In recent years, leading companies producing golf equipments are engaging in technological battles. Struggle for superiority started with design and production of stronger and versatile golf clubs. However, superiority battles have shifted correspondingly towards design and production of golf balls. Among the leading producers of golf equipment today is Wilson Sports. For about a century now, Wilson Sports have been challenging golfers with the introduction of advanced equipment. Lately, Wilson golf balls ( feature among the most preferred products among professional golfers.

Technically, golf is a game of consistency and accuracy. Equipment used is instrumental in determining the level of precision and accuracy displayed by any golfer. Apart from picking the right club, golfers also need to complement their swings with suitable golf balls. On each contact with a club, golf balls undergo a trajectory determined by its technical specifications. This explains why certain types of golf balls are suited for long distances while others are preferred for fields within a walking range. As a manufacturer, Wilson Sports have designed and produced golf balls with varying specifications. Some are preferred by beginners while others are designed specifically for crazy golfers.

Recently, one leading golf magazine analyzed consumer reviews of three leading Wilson golf balls. These three balls are the Wilson Staff Duo, Wilson Staff FG and the Wilson Fifty Elite. Each of these balls has slightly varying specifications, hence suited for different golf games. In addition, the three balls vary in terms of cost. Wilson Stall Duo is the most expensive at $24.99 per ball while Wilson Fifty Elite costs $12.99 each. With respect to technical specification and performance ratings, Wilson Staff Duo emerged on top, while Wilson Fifty Elite and Wilson Staff FG came in second and third respectively.

Wilson Staff Duo led the other balls because of its versatility and performance characteristics. The Staff Duo golf balls are preferred by both armatures and professionals equally. The balls’ versatility results from its double-layer feature. Technically, double layered golf balls are more versatile and easy to handle than any other type. Each product in this category of Wilson golf balls is made of an acrylate solid core and covered with specific plastics like surlyn. Blending the two materials into a single ball not only makes the Wilson Staff Duo firm, but also makes the ball softer than any other in the market today.

In terms of performance characteristics, the double layer property makes the golf ball acquire its mid spin capability. Single layered balls are typically low spin, meaning that such balls have high tendencies of flying straight while on air. Such straight travelling balls fail to reach long ranged fields because they lose height easily. However, mid spin balls like the Wilson Staff Duo have medium spin properties while going through air. In this case, medium spin allows the ball to achieve a ballistic trajectory pattern, hence reaching long distanced fields.