Seriela Ciudad

Working on the New Office

It is going to take Jack and I some time to get this place ready for business. Of course it is going to be necessary for us to keep the old office open the entire time that we are working on this on, so it is going to be a lot better for the two of us if we can expedite things. Today we hired a painter in Bergen county NJ to come up here and do the interior painting. We could not find any painter around here who was willing to get started today and that was what we wanted. Of course we have to do that before we can do the other stuff. Jack and I have been up in the rafters all day. He and I have been running cables and wires. Of course it is a big deal to set up things so that we can run the computer systems and hook up the networks.

The building is not all that modern and so you have none of the stuff that you really need to have for a modern computer age business. It used to be some sort of warehouse and the building is probably fifty years old. Of course it has a lot of space and we are going to put in an upper floor on the back part of the place. It is easy to find places to put things, because this place has about thirty feet of clearance and we are going to use that height in the back. We figure that we can get a bunch of warehouse shelving units and one of those warehouse type lifts. Then we just have to work out a system to categorize the inventory and make it easy for the stock guys to figure out where stuff is.